Leading AI Tools for Candidate Screening and Qualifying in 2024

Talent sourcers and recruiters use AI recruitment software to identify and prequalify candidates.

A survey conducted with HR professionals revealed that about 67% of the respondents hold a positive view of AI and its potential in the automated recruitment process. This statistic shows the increasing awareness of the role of AI in changing conventional hiring and increasing the productivity of talent acquisition efforts. This article will help you understand the current trends in AI for hiring, the characteristics of recruitment automation tools worth considering, and present you with a list of the best AI tools for candidate screening and evaluation in 2024

Current Trends in AI Recruitment Software

The incorporation of AI in recruitment automation tools has been on the rise owing to the benefits it provides such as time-saving, reduced biases, and evidence-based decision-making.

One of the most significant tendencies in automated recruitment is the growing application of AI and big data analysis for screening candidates based on the information provided in resumes, social media, and other digital traces. This helps the hiring managers to easily assess the candidates and select the most appropriate one for the job position based on their skills, experience, and cultural compatibility, thus lowering the time taken to make the hiring decision.

Another emerging trend in automated recruitment is the use of conversational AI in candidate engagement as well as candidate interviewing. Chatbots and AI assistants are becoming more sophisticated, enabling natural language interactions with candidates throughout the hiring process. These AI-powered tools can answer queries, schedule interviews, and even conduct initial screenings through chat or voice, providing a seamless candidate experience.

In addition, AI is used to eliminate bias in the hiring process. With algorithms based on skills and certifications as opposed to traditional demographic data, organizations are gradually moving towards the creation of a more diverse workforce. This not only enhances equality in the hiring process but also allows companies to get more perspectives and ideas.

Another area of automated recruitment where AI plays a major role is predictive analytics. With the help of historical data, AI can determine future hiring trends, assess the candidate’s potential for a given position, and point out the weaknesses of the current recruitment process. This feature enhances automated recruitment and helps companies manage their staffing plans in advance to maintain their position in the market for attracting talent. 

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Unveiling the Top AI Recruitment Software for 2024

With the increased need for AI in automated recruitment, there has been a rise in innovative business hiring tools to help organizations meet their current needs. Let’s have a look at the most promising AI recruitment software that will define hiring in 2024 and beyond. 

1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit offers an AI-based system for automated recruitment and making more accurate predictions. Thus, recruiters can use this tool to find potential candidates, perform behavioral-based interviews, and ensure that they provide the best experience to candidates, which in turn results in better hires.

Key Capabilities:

  • Compares candidates based on resumes, job postings, locations, industries, and other parameters.
  • Works with ChatGPT to help in the creation of effective and engaging job descriptions.
  • Browses through different job portals to shortlist similar candidate profiles.
  • Provides an effective AI-based resume parser.
  • Improves the candidate experience with a chatbot that provides information on the availability of jobs and helps with the application process.
  • It has a Smart Search function that allows for fast identification of candidate records.
  • Enables candidate filtering by configuring fields, statuses, and other options to make the process easier. 

2. Manatal

Featuring a rich set of AI-based recruitment automation tools, Manatal allows recruiters to find more candidates, speed up the filtering processes, improve collaboration within the teams, and hire the best professionals without much effort.

Key Capabilities:

  • Provides a cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Proposes the most suitable candidates for certain job vacancies by ranking candidate profiles against job descriptions.
  • Enhances candidate profiles with data from LinkedIn and more than 20 other social media and public sources.
  • Helps in the recruitment and management of candidates in the placement process.
  • Enables posting of job vacancies on over 2,500 free and paid job sites and boards, with local, international, and specialized channels such as Indeed.
  • Offers the tools to monitor hiring and KPIs to measure the performance of the recruitment process. 

3. Fetcher

Fetcher is an AI candidate sourcing tool that makes automated recruitment more efficient. It uses analytical principles to track candidate engagement, diversity, and funnel health.

Key Capabilities:

  • Gives a candidate pool of over 100 million resumes.
  • Integrates with other recruitment automation tools such as email, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.
  • Leverages artificial intelligence to identify suitable candidate profiles that meet hiring criteria. This will allow for targeted and automated outreach of top candidates through email communication.
  • Offers sophisticated insights to track candidate engagement, diversity, and the health of the overall funnel. 

4. HireVue

HireVue is an AI recruitment software that aims to assess the candidate’s possibilities instead of his or her accomplishments. This tool has a rich set of features that can enhance the engagement of the candidates and speed up the hiring process.

Key Capabilities:

  • Provides a Direct Messaging feature that enables employers to communicate with candidates one-on-one or in a group.
  • Offers a hiring assistant to help the candidates find the right job that matches their skills.
  • Offers features of interview automation including interview questions, templates, evaluation guides, and more.
  • Provides interview, game-based and technical assessments to enable more equitable hiring choices.
  • Automates interview scheduling.
  • Compatible with several ATSs.

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    5. Skillate

    Skillate is the end-to-end solution for candidate sourcing and selection. This platform leverages AI to parse through resumes and generate data and analytics on recruitment.

    Key Capabilities:

    • Improves the screening process using an AI chatbot that interacts with the passive profiles and turns them into active applicants.
    • Applies artificial intelligence to match resumes.
    • It helps to organize the interviews.
    • Provides an AI-based writing assistant to write better job descriptions.
    • Gives information and statistics about the recruitment process.

    6. ClearCompany

    ClearCompany’s robust talent management platform improves the employee journey and supports the HR function throughout the hiring process.

    Key Capabilities:

    • Make it possible to source from a global talent pool of 3. 2 billion professional records to help identify candidates for any given position in the company.
    • Facilitates the management of outreach, uniqueness, and engagement of passive candidate leads through automated email and text follow-up sequences.
    • Offers an online orientation package.
    • Provides recruiting analytics to monitor the demographics of the candidates, pipeline sources, and conversions at each stage of the funnel.
    • Allows for posting and managing job vacancies on hundreds of job sites within a matter of minutes.
    • Compatible with all the leading video conferencing services for smooth video interviewing.
    • Offers methods for quantifying and enhancing the levels of employee engagement 

    7. SeekOut

    SeekOut is an excellent AI recruitment software that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to help recruiters effectively create, expand, and fast-track talent pools.

    Key Capabilities:

    • Has more than 800 million public candidate profiles.
    • Compares the skills and experience of the applicants with the needs of the positions that are currently vacant.
    • Enables the use of GPT-based technology to perform specific search queries and send specific messages to each candidate.
    • Offers a Bias Reducer that removes various attributes associated with race and gender from employee information.
    • Compliments Workday, Greenhouse and other leading ATS vendors.
    • Enables identifying the candidates who are already interested through more than 60 power filters, Boolean search, and other search options.
    • Offers data-driven end-to-end visibility to help organizations better direct their recruitment efforts. 

    8. Workable

    Through its combination of powerful sourcing tools, AI-driven insights, and comprehensive HR management features, Workable enhances how companies find, hire, onboard, and manage their most valuable asset: people.

    Key Capabilities:

    • Analyzes job ads to provide AI-powered candidate recommendations.
    • Utilizes AI to identify 1000+ top passive candidates and displays job ads in their social media feeds.
    • Automatically posts job ads to up to 200+ job sites at once.
    • Provides AI-generated job descriptions.
    • Instantly generates industry and role-specific interview questions with AI.
    • Generates personalized emails for candidate sourcing outreach and other communications.
    • Offers advanced reporting and analytics.

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    Automated Candidate Interviewing with PreScreen AI

    Although a lot of AI recruitment software can help with sourcing, screening, and engaging candidates, PreScreen AI can help to take the automated recruitment process one step further by holding initial interviews and performing candidate prequalification.

    Key features include:

    1. AI Bot for Pre-Qualifying Candidates

    Uses voice and chat for initial interviews and reduces time to choose candidates for further consideration.

    2. Tailored Interviews

    Generates questions from the resume and job information, thus increasing the efficiency of the screening process as well as the candidate’s interest.

    3. Custom Interview Duration

    It is also able to cut off the interview time to a certain length depending on the requirement without neglecting the depth of the interview.

    4. Candidate Experience Detailing

    Provides a more comprehensive approach to the analysis of certain aspects of the candidate’s experience, thus increasing the chances of finding the most suitable candidate.

    5. Technical and Soft Skills Assessment

    This is done through the use of complex algorithms and sentiment analysis to determine both the hard and soft skills of the employees.

    6. Candidate Profile Extension

    Develops dossiers during interviews to ensure that all necessary information that may not be captured in CVs is obtained.

    7. Interview Summarization

    Presents brief descriptions of qualifications and rates candidates based on the job’s needs.

    8. High Information Security

    Provides secure communication with only authorized users, thus preventing unauthorized access to the data.

    9. History of Interactions

    Keeps track of all the activities made within the system to facilitate review and enhance the candidate relationship.

    10. API Integration

    Enables the transfer of vacancy descriptions, CVs, and interview summaries with ease, facilitating the screening process.

    11. Telephony Integration

    Compatible with telephony systems for voice or chat interviews for more efficient screening of applicants.

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    Success Stories of Companies Using AI Tools for Candidate Screening and Qualifying

    Many organizations have already started using AI recruitment automation tools in candidate screening and qualifying, and they have noticed a positive change in the hiring process.

    Unilever adopted the use of video interviewing that was based on Artificial Intelligence and saved 90% of the time used in the hiring process and also increased the diversity of the hires by 16%. Furthermore, the company leveraged Textio’s AI writing assistant to write better and more inclusive job postings, resulting in a 25% rise in applicants from diverse backgrounds.

    Accenture used AI-based recruitment automation tools and saw a 50% decrease in time-to-hire and a 30% increase in the quality of hires. Also, it has unveiled a gamification-based assessment tool to determine cognitive and personality aspects. This allowed them to find the right people and make their selection process more effective.

    Hilton Worldwide started using AI recruitment software, which resulted in a 50% decrease in the time to hire and increased candidate interest and satisfaction.

    Mya Systems’ conversational AI assistant was incorporated into the automated recruitment process of Cisco Systems. This change led to a candidate satisfaction rate of 98% and a 30% reduction in the workload of the recruiters.

    Deloitte adopted Hiring Insights with the aim of getting important information on their hiring process, diversity and quality of applicants. This approach allowed them to make better hiring decisions and also recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

    Concluding Thoughts

    As the talent acquisition landscape continues to shift and change, AI recruitment software is set to bring about significant changes in the process of candidate sourcing, filtering, and assessment in 2024 and beyond. These new-age solutions can help to optimize automated recruitment processes, eliminate bias, improve candidate experience and overall decision-making through the use of AI algorithms and machine learning.

    PreScreen AI is an intelligent interviewing solution that provides many advantages, including significant time savings, improved candidate assessment, and enhanced candidate interactions. This AI recruitment software assists in making a proper initial evaluation of every candidate and reduces the chances of making a wrong decision in the hiring process.

    By striking the right balance between human expertise and AI-powered capabilities of recruitment automation tools, organizations can unlock the full potential of their hiring efforts, building a talented and diverse workforce that drives innovation, growth, and long-term success.