Top AI Chatbots for Recruitment and Employee Engagement in 2024

This article explored top AI chatbots for recruiting.

Today, AI chatbots are no longer a support tool in recruitment and employee engagement; they are proactive players. They provide timely assistance and information that extend beyond basic administrative functions. Let’s explore some statistics you need to know about AI recruitment chatbots: 

      • 62% of employees use chatbots for HR-related issues;

      • 92% of HR departments direct new employees to use chatbots to find information;

      • Career websites use bots to engage with job seekers to generate 95% more leads.

    This article provides an overview of the best AI chatbots for recruitment and candidate engagement of 2024, their main features, and how they revolutionize the HR industry.

    Redefining Candidate Engagement

    AI recruitment chatbots provide 24/7 service, immediate replies, and specific messaging. These virtual assistants help the candidates in the application process, addressing their concerns, and informing them about the status of their application to ensure that the candidates have a good experience.

    One example of improved candidate experience through a recruiting chatbot is Airbus which had to come up with a way to lure talent from all over the world. Dave Mills, Recruitment Innovation & Airbus Chatbot Product Leader, wanted to improve the Airbus candidate journey and therefore introduced Bessie chatbot as the FAQ automation tool. The biggest change was freeing recruiters from responding to the same questions. The team noticed that people were interacting with Bessie as if she were a real person. 

    Here are the results the company has got from the recruiting chatbot introduction: 

        • 60% of all candidates engage in asking questions outside the normal working hours. 

        • Bessie is able to answer 74% of all questions asked. 

        • Bessie handles more than 12,000 interactions with talents per month.

      Streamlining Recruitment Processes

      In addition to increasing candidate experience, AI recruitment chatbots perform many other tasks that would otherwise take recruiters’ time. From the first stage of screening resumes and CVs to scheduling interviews and even interviewing candidates to providing job recommendations, these technologies optimize the recruitment process, decreasing the time-to-hire and increasing the overall effectiveness.

      For instance, Olivia is employed by McDonald’s to assist in the hiring process in their restaurants. The main AI recruiting chatbot features include: 

          • Monitoring candidate interactions round the clock. 

          • Arranging interviews and follow-ups on the same day. 

          • Extending offers that candidates can accept by phone. 

          • Exchanging documents and conducting a background check. 

        The recruitment team harnessed the following first results: 

            • They cut the time for scheduling an interview from three days to three minutes. 

            • Restaurants received twice the number of applications with a candidate satisfaction rate of over 99%. 

            • They cut down the time spent on hiring by 60 percent within a year and a half. 

            • Managers were able to save 4 to 5 hours of manual work per week.

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          Data-Driven Insights

          Another key benefit of AI recruitment chatbots is that they can store and process large amounts of information. These tools offer robust analytical functionalities that can help in understanding recruitment metrics, candidate behaviors, and potential improvements. This information obtained from AI chatbots for recruitment can then be used to inform organizations and help them modify their hiring processes and strategies in order to enhance their talent acquisition practices.


          Newcomers may often experience confusion when they start working for a company. According to BambooHR’s survey, 89% of the employees stated that the onboarding process made them feel more engaged at work. The HR chatbot can help employees navigate through the organization structure of their company. It has been estimated that firms with good onboarding practices retain their new hires by 82% more and enhance productivity by 70%.

          Conversational AI Chatbots for Intelligent Real-Time Interactions

          Conversational AI chatbots for recruitment automate a lot of recruitre's tasks.

          Conversational AI chatbots for recruitment are advanced forms of AI that utilize machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) in their operations. This type of AI is more sophisticated and allows these chatbots to listen, comprehend, and answer the users’ questions in a natural language. Unlike their rule-based counterparts, conversational AI recruitment chatbots are intended to learn from each exchange. They can respond to numerous questions that not only depend on the keywords but also on the context and the intent behind the questions, which makes them answer queries that were not programmed beforehand. This enables a more fluid and individualized interaction with the recipient, replicating a human-to-human conversation. Since these AI chatbots for recruitment keep on learning from the interactions, they are able to provide better and more suitable responses as time passes. 

          The following are some of the best AI chatbots for recruitment and HR based on their features, ease of use, and compatibility with other HR tools.


          Mya recruiting chatbot is particularly notable for the presence of its engagement features at all stages of the recruitment process. From the first contact to the scheduling of interviews with human recruiters, Mya offers a smooth interaction experience for the candidates. Its natural language processing feature allows it to respond to a number of questions that may be asked by the applicants hence making the recruitment process less boring and more friendly for the applicants. Another advantage of this recruiting chatbot is that it can be easily integrated with different HR systems and platforms which makes it a great assistant for recruiters who want to optimize their work.


          Another worthy of mention of a recruiting chatbot is TalentSoft, which is especially useful in internal recruitment and employee engagement. TalentSoft is proficient in finding potential internal candidates for vacant positions and assists in the career progression within companies. It has a user-friendly interface and uses AI to match the skills and career goals of employees with the available positions, promoting career development and internal mobility.


          Paradox’s Olivia has created a buzz in the market of AI recruitment chatbots with its complete recruitment management system. From sourcing candidates to onboarding, Olivia has proved to be very effective in her work. It has an interactive chat-based interface that enhances the experience of candidates and its integration capabilities ensure that all data collected is immediately and accurately transferred to the company’s HR systems. Olivia’s efforts in contacting potential candidates and maintaining communication with them during the recruitment process have been applauded for improving the employer branding and candidate experience.


          AllyO recruiting chatbot tackles one of the biggest challenges in hiring: engaging with passive candidates. Through the analysis of data points across different platforms, AllyO is able to pinpoint candidates who may not be actively seeking new employment but are suitable for the company. By sending targeted messages and engaging with these candidates, AllyO ensures that they remain engaged and interested until they are willing to consider new opportunities.


          HRCompanion appears as a valuable resource for HR departments that want to optimize their performance. It is particularly effective in responding to employees’ questions, such as about policies or leaves, with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. The uniqueness of HRCompanion is that it can synchronize with other HR management systems to ensure that employees are provided with the right information at the right time thus enhancing efficiency in the overall HR processes.


          EngageMate is ranked for revolutionizing the concept of employee engagement and retention strategies. This chatbot uses artificial intelligence to analyze the feedback received from employees and provide insights on trends and gaps. Its proactive approach in suggesting specific engagement programs and activities has been helpful in improving the morale of employees and decreasing staff turnover.

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          AI chatbots for recruitment are widely used at present.


          OnboardGenie provides an A-level onboarding experience for new employees. It is a tool that organizes the onboarding process according to the position, department, and preferences of the new employee. From filling out forms to getting acquainted with the team, OnboardGenie is with the new employee at every stage, which makes it a must-have for HR teams that want to enhance employee retention from the first day of work.


          SkillMatcher is primarily aimed at internal talent management, which involves assessing the skills of employees and suggesting courses of action. One of its major strengths is its capacity to facilitate the process of learning and development within organizations.


          Focusing on compliance management, ComplianceGuard assists organizations in understanding and managing employment legal frameworks and requirements. It helps organizations to remain compliant by providing real-time updates and reminders of compliance due dates.


          DiversityChampion’s mission is to support workplace diversity and inclusion. The solution helps companies design non-biased recruitment processes and implement measures to foster an inclusive workplace culture. As a tool that focuses on diversity metrics and reporting, it is an essential instrument for any company that is dedicated to social responsibility.


          Stellar is a unique recruiting chatbot that focuses on the topics of diversity and inclusion. Realizing that diversity is an asset in hiring, Stella ensures that the screening and evaluation of candidates is done in a non-discriminatory manner. This recruiting chatbot uses machine learning to identify and eliminate bias in job postings and encourages equal opportunities in recruitment. Stellar also has a feature for blind resume screening where recruiters can shortlist candidates without knowing their names or other identifying information. Thus, Stellar contributes to the creation of a culture that embraces diversity in the workplace.


          Lastly, CareerPathfinder helps employees in their career development by identifying career tracks within the organization and possible steps to achieve them. It is vital to ensure that employees remain within the organization since it assists them in seeing their future career paths

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          PreScreen AI Bot for Candidate Interviewing and Assessment

          A candidate is having a job interview with a recruiting chatbot.

          The PreScreen AI bot performs entry-level interviews with candidates, thus allowing HR specialists to concentrate on the strategic level of the recruitment process. Through the use of natural language processing and machine learning, this recruiting chatbot can converse with the candidates in chat or voice and ask questions that would be relevant to the particular position applied for. The interview analysis is done to the highest level of detail and sophistication, assessing not just the content of the responses, but also considering nuances such as language use, communication skills, and even subtle indicators of personality traits and cultural fit. In this way, PreScreen AI offers recruiters a holistic view of each candidate’s fit for a position, going beyond what standard screening can offer. This makes the initial screening process more efficient and less prone to human error or prejudice. Furthermore, this recruiting chatbot can manage multiple applications a day and shorten the time taken to recruit candidates.

          PreScreen AI bot has another major benefit of delivering uniform and reliable assessments. All the candidates are evaluated based on the same standards to avoid bias and favoritism in the selection procedure. This intellingent recruiting chatbot can review the responses for key competencies and qualifications and provide a detailed report on each candidate, their strengths and suitability for the position in question. These findings help the hiring managers to decide which candidates should be further interviewed in the next stage.

          Also, the use of the PreScreen AI bot improves the candidate experience by providing a more convenient and open interview process. Applicants can finish their interviews at their convenience without having to worry about scheduling or even being in different time zones. This is especially useful for international organizations looking for professionals from various parts of the world.

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          Final Thoughts

          It is important to note that AI chatbots for recruitment and employee engagement are revolutionizing the talent acquisition process. These are the state-of-the-art AI-based tools that automate processes, improve the engagement of candidates, and give valuable information to organizations that help them attract and retain talent. In 2024, AI recruitment chatbots are becoming an essential part of the HR systems for organizations that want to remain relevant in the increasingly competitive job market.

          Of the AI recruitment chatbots gaining popularity in 2024, one that stands out is PreScreen AI. This innovative solution revolutionizes candidate screening and initial interviews by using artificial intelligence to conduct preliminary interviews. By being able to evaluate candidates in real time, understand complex answers, and manage high volumes of applications, PreScreen AI provides a comprehensive and standardized initial screening process. It not only speeds up the recruitment process but also makes it more objective as all candidates are assessed based on the same parameters.

          For HR professionals and recruiters seeking to enhance their hiring practices, incorporating AI recruitment chatbots like PreScreen AI into your talent acquisition process is a wise decision. This way, you can devote more time and effort to the essential aspects of recruitment while being confident that the initial steps are being done right. Consider using PreScreen AI to enhance your recruitment process and get the right talent for your organization.