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Find out how PreScreen Al’s advanced features transform recruiting. Our revolutionary solution simplifies the process of evaluating candidates, improves candidate engagement and smartens your decision-making with data.

Voice/Chat AI Bot for Pre-Qualifying Candidates

PreScreen AI covers the first-round interviews with applicants. It can perform pre-qualification interviews through voice, chat, or a combination of both. Our Conversational AI chabot will help you save time, simplify your recruitment procedure and find high-quality employees faster. 

Tailored Intervie­ws for Each Candidate

This functionality aims to further improve your interview experience. Support candidate engagement and advanced initial screening by means of the personalized conversation. Simply feed the resume and job details and let the system determine how to best figure out questions for each candidate’s personal profile. 

Custom Interview Duration

Depending on the purpose, change the time frame of each interview according to your needs. PreScreen AI will be able to adjust the course of conversation towards the set deadline while maintaining the same level of accuracy.

Candidate Experience Detailing

This feature helps to ensure that all the critical elements of a candidate’s experience, such as tech stack versions, project tasks and their completion, as well as challenges are thoroughly covered. The use of PreScreen AI will actually allow you to determine the most qualified candidate to move further with.  

Tech and Soft Skills Evaluation

PreScreen AI’s abilities cover more than just holding pre-qualification interviews with candidates. Relying on advanced algorithms and sentiment analysis, it is able to assess and rate both technical and soft skills of the candidate. The system gathers all the key information for making informed decisions and finding a perfect match for your team. 

Candidate Profile Extension

PreScreen AI makes sure that you never miss anything. It is possible to clarify all the vital information of candidates even if they failed to reflect it on their CVs. Having a profile management feature in our bot, you can be able to build profile objects that guarantee that all the information regarding the candidate is captured during the interview.

Interview Summarization

This allows easy access to an overview of a candidate’s qualifications. PreScreen AI goes through the entire conversation and provides a concise overview, ranking the candidate’s fit to the job requirements.  

High Information Security Standards

Under our high information security standards, every conference takes place through a secure & authorized link. Each candidate has an authenticated access to PreScreen AI, offering the highest level of privacy. Our technology will ensure that your data remains safe as you focus on locating that ideal candidate. 

History of Voice and Chat Messages

PreScreen AI will provide a history of all the voice and chat interactions with candidates. It means that you can review previous interviews, thus having all the necessary information ready for each further interaction. The functionality adds to building stronger relationships with candidates by displaying attention to detail and commitment to their pre-qualification. 

API Integration

PreScreen AI has an easy-to-use API integration, so that you can send both vacancy descriptions and CVs, provide the candidate with the bot access, as well as download interview summaries and suitability evaluations. This feature contributes to a smooth screening experience for you and your candidates. 

Custom Connectors to Your HR or Recruitment Platform

PreScreen AI supports your recruitment strategy and makes it more efficient. Stay organized and make better decisions by putting all the candidate data in a single system. Our dev team can create custom integrations with your HR or Recruitment platform for easy data migration. 

Telephony Integration
(In Case of Available APIs)

integrate PreScreen AI with your telephony system to be able to have efficient pre-qualification interviews via voice or chat. Simplify your candidate pre-qualification process – no more hectic manual screenings or annoying to-and-fro communications. 

Coming Soon

Asynchronous Video Interview

PreScreen AI will not only conduct tailored asynchronous interviews but also examine the facial expressions of candidates in real time. And what is even more beneficial? No video records are stored, ensuring the utmost respect for their privacy.

By using our AI interview agent, you will screen candidates even deeper to understand if they are the right fit for the role. Discover hidden traits, analyze non-verbal cues and make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

Zapier Intergration

Easily optimize your hiring process like never before! With the help of Zapier integration for PreScreen AI, it’s possible to synchronize everything so that all data can be managed in one place. Automate workflows conveniently and focus on selecting the best talent where it is required most. Turn complexity into simplicity and save valuable time with our cleverly designed, Zapier-integrated AI interview agent.

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