Automating Your Recruitment Process from Start to Finish

It is possible to automate the entire recruitment cycle.

In the modern competitive job market, recruiters are experiencing a hike in the costs associated with hiring. Reportedly, it would take a recruiter about 32 to 68 days to find top employees. However, hiring teams simply can’t afford to wait for such a long time when there are vacancies that need to be filled urgently.

This is where recruiting automation software comes into play, simplifying the process of recruitment. With this advanced technology, candidate sourcing, communication, scheduling and assessments can be managed easily by talent acquisition (TA) teams. Generally, such tasks take quite some time and require huge efforts from those conducting them. Conversely, adopting recruitment automation software within TA teams improves the performance of their staff at every stage.

There are several ways to automate the recruiting process. Generally, these methods include:

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS). The purpose of an applicant tracking system (ATS) is to help you manage your recruitment process from one place. It assists with screening resumes, scheduling interviews and sending email notifications to applicants.
  • AI-powered recruitment tools. You can do better with intelligent software such as AI recruiting bots, because they will help you locate and evaluate candidates more quickly.
  • Chatbots. At different stages of the hiring process, chatbots can answer questions from potential job applicants while enabling recruiters to concentrate on more intricate tasks.

Below, we will outline the most effective automation techniques to be employed at each stage of the recruitment cycle.

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How to Automate Job Board Posting

One effective approach to simplifying hiring is through the use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This is software that allows companies to manage and automate their recruitment processes, starting from when job openings are posted down to the point where candidates are screened and selected.

Through ATS one can automatically post jobs across various platforms straight from your job descriptions. Thus, recruiters enter a job description once (possibly with a template), then populate it onto whichever boards they want with just a click. It saves a tremendous amount of time.

Automation software helps recruiters post listings on job boards.

CV Sourcing

This is the kind of stuff recruiters do: working with external job boards for hours on end looking for CVs. And making calls all day only to see one hundred other recruiters have called before you or receive every possible excuse except “yes”.

As such, by using recruitment automation, your recruiters can shortlist faster.

Another attribute of an ATS is its ability to screen and filter candidates based on predetermined criteria. Now how does this actually work? The ATS uses complex scanning algorithms that go through resumes in order to identify the ones that meet certain requirements as per your instructions. It searches for words like proficiency or experience level thus ensuring that you only view resumes that are genuinely indexed against what you seek.

The manual review of God knows how many applications could be scrapped off just by using this automated screening process. Moreover, an ATS assists in narrowing down the applicants’ pool by providing tailored assessments and questionnaires in order to find the best match for the position.

Automated Candidate Shortlisting and Rejection

Recruiters spend around 23 hours reading resumes before they make a hire.

To avoid this hassle, recruiting teams can parse and rank resumes closely matching job descriptions through automated resume analysis.

AI may not be as smart as recruiters would like to think it is. However, it helps increase efficiency by removing about 3/4th of all ineligible resumes from consideration.

In addition, the best recruiting technology can extend automation further by automatically shortlisting or rejecting a candidate based on their prescreening questionnaire scores.

Instead of having recruiters manually identify the applicants who have done poorly and must be ruled out and the top performers to be invited for interviews immediately, let the AI system do that.

And so your star performers are interviewed today leaving no chance they will be lured by competitors whilst worst fit candidates get quick closure – exactly what any unsuccessful interviewee would want.

Recruiters save a lot of time when they automate communication with candidates.

Communication with Candidates

But that’s not all – the ATS also automates other aspects of the hiring procedure like scheduling interviews, sending out rejection emails or even performing background checks.

Recruitment Chatbot

A smart chatbot changes everything about TA: A chatbot works 24/7 but a recruiter does not. Incorporating a chatbot into your hiring routine gives you an always-on assistant who can automate repetitive tasks. In the meantime, human recruiters can focus on building meaningful relationships that personalize the candidate experience.

Look for a chatbot that can:

  • Answer FAQs or direct candidates to someone who can assist
  • Advise job opportunities based on location preferences/interests/skill set etc
  • Speed up the process by conducting initial screening questions
  • Schedule interviews based on real-time screening results.

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Automated Interviews and Candidate Assessments

With the rise of AI technology, companies can now streamline their recruiting process through automation and optimization of candidate interviewing and evaluation workflows leading to smarter hiring results.

Voice/Chat AI Recruitment Bot for Candidate Pre-Qualification

Advanced hiring solutions (and we mean PreScreen AI) are based on a voice/chat AI recruitment bot that pre-qualifies candidates. By making use of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, these AI bots for recruiting evaluate the candidate’s qualifications and skills, as well as his/her suitability for a given role.

Personalized Conversations

AI recruitment bot can also tailor conversations based on the candidate’s CV and job requirements. Job descriptions, requirements, success criteria and candidate’s CVs should be added to the system so it can personalize the job interview. This customized approach saves time while each individual is assessed according to his unique qualities and experiences.

AI can automate candidate interviews and evaluations

Customizable Interviewing Periods and Collection of Candidate Profiles

Recruitment AI bot also provides a possibility to customize the interview duration. The recruiter can configure a pre-qualification interview length based on their own needs and preferences. 

In addition, AI recruitment bot can collect more information about the candidate’s profile in situations where there are missing data from their CVs. Recruiters can set parameters for capturing additional job-related information in the course of the conversation. which helps ensure a holistic assessment of candidate appropriateness.

Advanced Evaluation of Skills and Experience

During the conversation, the recruitment AI bot is able to evaluate and rank candidate proficiency in both technical and soft skills. By asking specific questions about the candidate’s experience, such as tech stack versions, project tasks, and challenges faced, AI bots for recruiting can assess the candidate’s capabilities and suitability for the role. This advanced evaluation process enables human professionals to make informed decisions and identify top talent more effectively.

Interview Summarization and Security Standards

In addition, once the interview is completed, the AI recruitment bot summarizes, ranks and rates the applicant’s fit based on the role description. This provides recruiters with actionable information to make informed hiring decisions.

 Besides, the AI recruitment bot strictly adheres to strong information security standards. To ensure data protection and confidentiality while recruiting, each candidate is given his/her unique authenticated access to the interviewing agent.

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Manage Offers with Automation

Once you have chosen your preferred candidate, you are required to make them an offer. Through utilizing ATS, you may initiate the automatic sending of offer letters. In addition to that, it also enables tracking of offers as well as reminding candidates to accept or decline them.

Automated job offers save recruiters time and effort


Proper onboarding is often missing from most organizations, as there is no smooth transition from applicant-to-hire to hire-to-employee journey. And naturally busy recruiters with challenging quotas start paying attention again to earlier-stage applicants when someone has finally signed a contract.

This is quite an issue, as 30% of new hires who don’t show up on the first day attribute it to poor follow-on from signing a contract.

The quick win here would be to automate onboarding to make that journey from applicant to employee one continuous process. Better onboarding means better quality of hire and fewer dropouts.

Diversity-Supportive Hiring

Recruiters are increasingly seeking tools and strategies to drive diversity and inclusion into their recruitment processes. These tools help recruiters attract a diverse candidate pool while eliminating bias and creating an inclusive work environment. For instance, there are tools that check job descriptions for biased language or gendered terms, offering more inclusive alternatives. 

Similarly, some tools measure how much diversity exists within any given workforce and help to identify areas of improvement. 

By employing anti-bias tools in their recruitment process they ensure that all applicants have an equal chance of getting the job.

Final Words

The present-day job market has become highly competitive leading to increased costs and extended hiring timelines for recruiters. Recruiting automation software has come up as a valuable remedy for these challenges enabling such activities as sourcing, interviewing and even pre-qualifying candidates to be automated.

In general, there are many benefits that recruitment automation solutions bring to the HR teams responsible for hiring talent, including improved efficiencies and time savings. The adoption of automation can help recruitment teams make the process efficient at every stage, as well as accelerate the job-filling process.

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