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PreScreen AI empowers recruiters and talent sourcers to pre-qualify numerous candidates using AI-powered screening voice bot.  

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Recruiting Made Simple With AI Expert Support

Advanced Functionalities to Maximize Your Recruiting Results

24/7 Candidate Pre-Qualification

Start out with your candidates without scheduling conflicts. PreScreen AI is available for an interview any time the candidate wishes, regardless of their time zone.

Personalized Candidate Screening

Need more than conventional? How about tailor-made candidate screening based on the information presented in both candidate’s CV and employer’s job description?

Experience Detailing and Evaluation

Hire with confidence and create powerful teams. PreScreen AI validates candidates' experience and hard skills to the smallest aspects, along with rating their technical abilities.

Al-Driven Soft Skills Evaluation

PreScreen AI analyzes candidates’ communication, problem-solving and collaborative abilities to identify the perfect fit and attitude towards the team. Can you believe?

Objective Strengths Identification

Through AI-controlled algorithms, we aim to help recruiters highlight each candidate’s individual merits and ensure an objective assessment free of unconscious bias.

Chat or Voice Interviews

Motivate your candidates with a positive interview experience. Let them pick a communication option they are most comfortable with - voice, chat, or a combination of both.