From Ads to Hires – The Impact of AI on Recruitment Marketing

A recruiter is creating a job ad with the help of AI.

Perception management is central to employer branding since it determines how potential candidates view a given organization regarding applying for a job there. In research conducted by LinkedIn, it has been revealed that companies with strong employer branding report up to 50% lower cost per hire and are 1.5 times more likely to get quality […]

Using AI to Identify and Nurture Passive Candidates

AI has many applications in targeting passive candidates

These are people who, for one reason or another, are not actively searching for a new job but may consider a new opportunity if it meets their needs and wants. They do not seek employment or respond to employment vacancies, but they might be willing to relocate if provided with a good opportunity. As revealed […]

Enhancing Employee Retention with AI Recruitment Bots

Using AI recruitment bot improves employee retention.

High turnover is an issue in many firms since it results in both financial and organizational losses. The Cost per Hire for 2022 in the USA stood at $2700 which was an average as estimated by the Saratoga Workforce Index. The median Cost per Hire is quite different for different industries ranging from $500 to […]

Cutting Costs and Saving Time – The Impact of AI Interviews on Global Hiring

AI interviews are beneficial for international hiring.

The globalization of the business environment has enhanced the trend of seeking talent from anywhere in the world. Overall, more SMBs are establishing international teams. The survey by Gusto revealed that 75% of SMBs had intentions of expanding their international employee headcount, and 54% of the SMBs stated that they have plans to add both international […]

Strategic Advice on AI Recruiting for Tech Company Leaders

Company leaders are discussing strategic recruitment with AI.

When the rate of technological innovation is constantly impacting the nature of work and workforce, the use of AI in hiring has become a strategic solution for technology companies to optimize the recruitment process. As AI recruiting advice is commonly requested by the leaders of technology companies, the role of AI in hiring becomes critical. […]

Insights from CEOs on Hiring Inefficiencies and How to Overcome Them

CEO is holding a meeting to optimize the company's recruitment strategy.

Many professional surveys have pointed out that recruiting or attracting talent is the biggest challenge that hinders organizational development more than issues with sales, marketing, execution, or even financials. This uncomfortable truth serves as the backdrop to the need for organizations to reconsider and transform their talent-sourcing approaches as a matter of urgency. CEOs Sound […]

AI Candidate Screening for Small-Scale and Large-Scale Recruitment

AI hiring for low and high volume recruitment

AI hiring is changing the landscape of the recruitment process and has emerged as the key driver of talent recruitment in the growing and dynamic work environment for both small and big companies. Given the potential to simplify the processes and improve the decisions made, the use of AI in recruitment is not just a […]

Is the AI Interviewing Process Aligned with Current Regulations?

AI in hiring should be compliant with modern AI regulations.

Being a technology-centric organization, we understand the great prospects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing the effectiveness of various business activities, including recruitment. Screening interviews are one of the most important parts of the recruitment process and AI voicebots or conversational AI assistants are now being used for it. They allow organizations to process a […]